Star Spangled Springfield fireworks show to go on as planned

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Crews set up for the area’s largest Fourth of July fireworks display.

The celebration began at Riverfront Park for Star Spangled Springfield.

Fourth of July festivities, including live music and food, are at Riverfront Park for Star Spangled Springfield. Crews had been preparing for the event for three days, working around the clock to set up tents, food trucks and of course, the main event, and fireworks.

“Not everybody can afford to go away,” said Judy Matt, President of Spirit of Springfield. “And people, no matter what their stature is in life, they can come down and enjoy a wonderful free evening and celebrate the independence of our country.”

Fireworks were lit on Memorial Bridge. Crews worked overnight Monday and into Tuesday to create a bright display that could be seen from all across Springfield.

The chief pyro-technician told 22News a crew of 6 set up 36 boxes of commercial fireworks and about one mile of cord with some help from the DPW, but he said all the work was worth it in the end.

“You try not to think about how much time you put into it,” David Van Buskirk, Chief Pyro-Technician of Fireworks by Grucci told 22News. “It’s hearing the crowd actually going crazy when it’s all over; that’s when you get a chill and that’s what makes it worth it.”

The Memorial Bridge was closed until after the event, and several surrounding streets were closed at around 7:30 p.m.