4 tornadoes touched down in Maine over the weekend

Only one injury reported in series of twisters

Map Courtesy: National Weather Service

BRIDGTON, Maine (WWLP) – Severe storms over the weekend led to the touchdown of four tornadoes in western Maine.

Only one injury was reported during the series of twisters Saturday afternoon and evening, though the tornadoes caused the downing of numerous trees, and damage to some buildings.

The most destructive tornado was an EF-1 tornado that formed at 6:14 P.M. on Highland Lake in Bridgton, about 35 miles northwest of Portland. The tornado came ashore, knocking down several trees, which came down on top of vehicles and homes. A nearby campground received extensive damage. During the tornado, one person was injured after being cut by glass.

Wind speeds in the Bridgton tornado are estimated to have been up to 110 MPH, which is at the high end of the EF1 category.

Minutes prior to the Bridgton tornado, there had been an EF-1 tornado in North Denmark, which snapped and uprooted several trees, some of which came down on cabins, as well as at least one car and one boat.

An EF-1 tornado crossed US Highway 302 in the bridge over Moose Pond at 4:42 P.M. That twister knocked down power lines and snapped trees along its two-mile path.

The first tornado Saturday was the least destructive, an EF-0 waterspout that was spotted on Sebago Lake at 2:25 P.M. The waterspout is believed to have overturned a pontoon boat on the lake.