Springfield residents enjoy a holiday weekend at home

Residents enjoyed a quiet day at Five Mile Pond with fewer people in town

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – While many people took road trips this holiday weekend, 22News found people who were perfectly happy celebrating close to home.

Springfield residents said with fewer people in town, they were happy to have the city to themselves.

Cheryl Davis said “Actually, this is better, because everyone is away so you have the whole pond to yourself. Usually it’s crowded because there are swimmers, there is a beach over there. Usually it’s pretty hard to find a spot to fish, so today was perfect because everyone is away”.

More Americans than ever before were expected to travel more than 50 miles from home this holiday according to triple A. For Springfield residents who stayed close to home, five mile pond has always been a popular place during a holiday weekend. Jose Perez spent Sunday Kayaking with his kids. He said staying close to home means you can spend more time with the extended family.

Perez said “I love this lake, it’s very nice. I came to bring my daughter and my son to have a good time. Awesome. No one went out of town out of my family so that was a good thing. We’re all going to have a good time with eachother”.

Annette Warren spent the day at Five Mile Pond fishing with her sister. She said you can turn a long weekend at home into a staycation in Springfield.

Warren said

“Plenty to do in Springfield. You got site seeing, we got museums. Like I said we got nice parks that you can just take a stroll in, bike riding, camping. There’s a lot to do”.

With fewer people in town, five mile pond fishers said that just leaves more fish for them.