Preparations underway to light up Star-Spangled Springfield

The show you'll see on Tuesday night is put together on trailers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Just two more nights until the Star-Spangled Springfield fireworks are launched from the Memorial Bridge. But putting this show together is no easy task.

Sunday morning, Fireworks by Grucci along with DPW workers from the city of Springfield assembled what you will see light up the night sky on the 4th of July.

Chief pyrotechnician David Van Buskirk told 22News, “This is basically the build. We break everything out, set everything up, stage it, get it ready. Lay it out, mark it. We have schematics that we go by, and then we’ll drop all the pipe in, secure it, and take it up to the bridge.”

The show you’ll see on Tuesday night is put together on trailers – three of them to be exact – and it takes hours of preparation.

Garrett Williams from the Springfield DPW said, “This could take about 4 or 5 hours; they actually upgraded the way they do it now. All those years it was in the old system. Where we used a lot of sand and we set the mortars into the sand and aimed them. This is an entirely new setup.”

That new setup came about because the state changed regulations and no longer requires sand. Pyrotechnics say it makes for an easier and cleaner setup.

Van Buskirk said, “The real work comes the night before the show. They close the bridge, we work all night we load it we test it.”

Monday night, the Memorial Bridge will be blocked off from 11pm until after the fireworks end Tuesday night. Once the bridge is closed, pyrotechnics will bring these trailers onto the bridge.

They’ll spend hours Monday night making sure the show is ready for the 4th of July. At 9:30pm Tuesday night, they along with thousands of residents in Springfield will look on and admire their work.