Long lost cat comes home


(KVLY) A long-lost cat is back after a year away from its Fargo, North Dakota home.

Jelissa Magoon says she still can’t believe her Siamese cat Shegua is back after she ran off more than a year ago on June 23.

“I kind of thought I lost her forever,” explained Magoon.

Magoon says they moved to a new home, then her 7-year-old cat went missing.

She searched for Shegua, contacting pounds and shelters after she went missing last June. A local pound told her to post in local lost and found Facebook groups. Magoon made the post on July 1 in the Fargo Moorhead Lost and Found Pets and Personal Items. She checked daily for months but never heard anything.

“It was sad because you didn’t know what happened to her or if she was alive or not,” Magoon stated with tears rolling down her face.

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