Golfers take advantage of the welcome sunny weather

If they weren't on the river or in the pool, many people were golfing

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With the change in the weather, to sunny and warm, many people took to the golf course Sunday as the July 4th weekend continues. 22News spoke with golfers to see how the course was.

If they weren’t out on the river or in the pool, some people chose to be out on the golf course. Golfers at East Mountain Country Club in Westfield were all there for the same reason.

Rick from Holyoke told 22News, “Love to play golf and this is the place to be. East Mountain is a beautiful course.”

Robert Auathier, also from Holyoke, told 22News, “Playing golf in this crazy weather, and it’s good exercise for ya, it’s something to do other than going fishing. The rivers are too high.”

Dozens of golfers took advantage of the finally dry and sunny weather Sunday to go and hit some balls.

Bud Warkulewicez, from Easthampton, enjoyed the weather, telling 22News, “Oh I love it, I love it. It’s getting a little warm, but there’s a nice breeze, so it’s tolerable.”

After some gusty thunderstorms pushed through western Massachusetts the last couple of days, golfers told 22News that the course was not affected by the rain. Instead, it soaked the water up quickly.

Van Schermerhorn, from Wilbraham, told 22News how the golf course absorbs rain quickly, “Well this course is great. It drys out pretty quickly. Historically, throughout the years, it’s been a course where it rains and drys in no time, plays good.”

Looking at the rest of the July 4th weekend, rain does not seem to be an issue. Golfers will be able to enjoy more sunshine.