State House passes temporary budget, continues work on final spending bill

A final budget is unlikely to get approved before July 1

BOSTON (WWLP) – Lawmakers are still crafting a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, but they have yet to reach a final agreement. They instead passed a temporary budget to get by while they continue negotiations.

Lawmakers have until July 1, to get a final budget approved for the start of the new fiscal year, but budget negotiations will likely push them past the deadline.

The House and Senate approved a $5.15 billion budget on Monday to keep programs and services running at the start of the new fiscal year.

The state’s six member Conference Committee, tasked with compromising on a final budget, will likely take debate into the month of July. Without a temporary budget, state programs wouldn’t have funding to continue their services.

“Basically the Commonwealth can’t pay it’s bills and that’s a real problem for a number of areas that need to continue to operate,” State Rep. Todd Smola explained. “Money flows into the Commonwealth and it needs to flow out in order to get those services done.”

The conference committee continues negotiations today, but a budget is unlikely to get approved before July 1.