South Korea President at White House as North Korea tension rises

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WASHINGTON (CNN) – “The era of strategic patience with North Korean regime has failed,” said President Trump.

President Trump issuing a dire warning to North Korea during a press conference with newly-elected South Korean President Moon, as tensions on the peninsula continue to escalate.

“The nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response,” said Trump.

For now, that determined response is diplomatic. With the treasury department issuing new sanctions Thursday on a Chinese bank and several Chinese nationals. While the state department approved a 1.4 billion dollar arms deal with Taiwan. Moves that have unnerved China, who’s been resistant to apply more pressure on the North Korean regime.

The President, calling on allies to take a tougher stance against the rogue nation, “The United States calls on other regional powers and all responsible nations to join us in implementing sanctions and demanding that the North Korean regime choose a better path.”

The administration is now weighing potential next steps.

“What we have to do is prepare all options because the president has made clear to us that he will not accept a nuclear power in North Korea,” said H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser.

But for the president, all options are on the table.

“The United States will defend itself, always will defend itself,” said Trump.

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