Officer adopts child from abuse case

POTEAU, Okla. (CNN) – 10-year-old John Thompson took a ride in his dad’s cruiser Friday. His dad is Poteau, Oklahoma patrolman Jody Thompson.

He’s been with the department for five years. The two met under extreme circumstances.

Officer Thompson showed up at a child abuse call in 2015. Investigators say, John was bound and in a barrel. They believe at the hands of his biological parents. The little boy broke free and this officer took him to the hospital, waited by his side as he recovered in the intensive care unit and decided he never wanted to leave him.

“What was the moment that you knew that this was your son?”

“When I saw him, when I saw him in that house I knew,” said Officer Thompson.

Officer Thompson and his wife adopted John. It was a long process, but the little boy now has the same last name as patrolman Thompson.

He’s a straight-A student in the gifted and talented program and loves his dad. John said his dad is the reason why he’s here right now.

John’s biological mother gave birth to a baby girl in jail. Officer Thompson’s family took her in as well.

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