Northampton police add drone to department equipment

The drone can fly 400 feet high

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Northampton Police Department has a new piece of equipment that no other department has in the county.

Northampton police showed their new drone that has infrared technology, which means they can detect where people are by their body heat.

It has the ability to change color filters so you can detect the heat in different ways.

Northampton police bought this inspire V12 drone, and were given a grant from the fire department for the thermo-camera.

Police will use this drone for search and rescue efforts.

It’s also helped give the fire department another set of eyes on the fires they put out.

“Fire department personnel were right next to me looking at the tablet,” Sgt. Patrick Moody of the Northampton Police Department said. “They were able to recognize things that I didn’t know that they were looking at. They could see that ‘this smoke is this color that means the water’s hitting it. This smoke is this darker so the water’s not hitting it.’ So they directed hoses to that area.”

This drone can fly 400 feet high, and as fast as 45 miles per hour. Northampton now has 3 certified pilots who can use it. Capt. John Cartledge was certified last weekend.