NH: Highest number of overdoses in June for first responders

MANCHESTER, N.H. (CNN) – Opioid overdoses in New Hampshire have reached an all-time high in two major cities.

June has recorded the most overdoses so far this year between Manchester and Nashua. Even before the calendar flips to July.

Manchester is up to 92 this month. 25 Suspected opioid overdoses in Nashua. Seven people died this month alone between the two cities.

“These numbers are at least to us, not acceptable. They’re way too high.” Chris Stawasz/AMR Regional Director

American Medical Response, which records the cases says the number of deaths for the year is down.

52 in the two cities of Manchester and Nashua in 2017 so far… 66 in the same time period last year. And now they’re concerned about a summer spike.

“It is disappointing. Typically, we see a higher number during the summer. There’s more people out an about. But we were on a downward trend and we wanted to continue that, but we’re going to keep working as hard as we have.” Chris Stawasz/AMR Regional Director

First responders say there is some good news that safe stations are working. They just opened in Nashua is November and just surpassed 500 people seeking help.

“We’re happy to see that. And Manchester is going to be nearing 2,000. It’ll easily hit 2,000 this year – people coming through.” Chris Stawasz/AMR Regional Director

First responders say all those people will be pointed in the right direct to get help.