Speeding at Westfield intersection causes community concerns

The intersection is where Montgomery road and Prospect street meet

Westfield, Mass. (WWLP) – Neighbors in Westfield said there’s a speeding problem on a stretch of road that’s already had a deadly accident.

People that live near Prospect street in Westfield told 22News they are concerned about how fast cars drive on Montgomery Street.
Many of them fear their children’s lives are at stake, especially now that school is out.

It’s the bottom of the Pochassic Street bridge where cars can start to pick up speed. Cars and trucks go over the bridge and they speed up. Some may be unaware there’s a rotary up ahead.

The rotary opened about five years ago. Dave Jarret’s family business, the Westfield Glass Company, is on the corner of the rotary. He told 22News it needs more signage to warn drivers.

“There is a small sign but it’s overlooked because of the incline and coming through the green light at the bottom, the tendency is to ignore little signs, I suppose”, Jarret said.

Up the hill, the next intersection is Montgomery and Prospect streets. The speed limit there is 25 miles per hour.

This is the same intersection where 7-year-old Michael Ryan was hit and killed by a dump truck in 2013. Residents that live in the area say that the speeding is still a major issue.

“They just speed by,” said Caitlin Crane, who lives at an apartment building on the intersection. “Even when you’re trying to cross to go to the store over here or go to the church over there, they go right through you, pretty much.”

We also saw a lot of truck traffic.

Westfield resident Elissa Letourneau said there is usually a lot of truck traffic.

“There’s a lot of trucks,” Letourneau said. “There’s a lot of bigger trucks that are in this area and I feel like they still don’t take a lot of caution as much as they should and there’s a lot of kids in this area and it’s really sad.”

Westfield Police Captain Michael McCabe told 22News that if neighbors are concerned about speeding, they should contact police and they’ll start to track how fast drivers are going by using a speed box monitor.