Protect your pets from firework displays

Try to provide your dog a safe place for them to hide

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Fourth of July is five days away. It’s an exciting time that brings large crowds and loud fireworks. But for some pets, it can be traumatic.

The booming sounds and flashing lights are for people to enjoy, but it can be terrifying for dogs with a heightened sense of hearing and smell.

Here’s some advice to keep your pet safe: you can go to Fourth of July celebrations, but you may want to keep your pet at home, inside the house.

It may be a good idea to play with your pet, to keep them busy during the fireworks display. Also, try to provide your pet a safe place for them to hide, if the loud noise becomes too much for them.

Dog owner Tom Weiner told 22News what works for him. He said, “Try to anticipate, try to be near them. Definitely try to talk to them and comfort them with words. Just be aware of the fact that this is being fun for us and not fun for them.”

If you do keep your furry friends outside on the 4th, don’t forget about the heat. Keep plenty of water on hand and try and keep them in the shade. If you have to bring your dog out with you, make sure they stay leashed.

If the fireworks become too much, Amherst Veterinarian Dr. Michael Katz recommends you give your dog an aspirin, to calm them down.