Mama bear keeps close eye on 3 cubs in Hatfield

MassWildlife is urging residents not to feed the bears or go near them

Report It photo courtesy Suebee in Hatfield

HATFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A mama bear and her three cubs were spotted in a Hatfield backyard Wednesday afternoon.

Report It photo courtesy Suebee in Hatfield

22News viewer Suebee sent in photos of the mama bear following closely behind her wandering cubs. Bear sightings have been very common around western Massachusetts this spring and summer season.

If you ever encounter a mama bear with her cubs, MassWildlife says you should talk in a calm voice and slowly back away. Do not run!

According to MassWildlife, it is uncommon for a bear to attack a person to defend their cubs. Instead, the agency says the mama bear will send her cubs up a tree, and they will come down when it is safe.

To keep bears off your property, MassWildlife suggests taking down bird feeders, feeding pets indoors, and waiting until trash day to put bins outside.

If you see a bear and can safely take a photo from inside your home or car, send it to 22News at

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