Girl’s gunshot wound left untreated

Florida mother arrested after 4-year-old shoots herself in the foot and the wound is left untreated for nine days.

(WBBH) Police in Fort Myers, Florida have arrested a mother after her 4-year-old daughter’s gunshot wound was left untreated for nine days.

“She wasn’t even limping,” said Mary Jackson, Cody’s grandmother. “She couldn’t walk.”

Jackson said she was the one who ended up driving the child to the hospital after Shania’s mother, Shanquisha Upshaw, hid and lied about the girl’s injuries.

The grandmother said that her son, Shania’s father Stefan Cody, finally convinced Upshaw to drop Shania off at their house. That’s when it became clear to Jackson that Shania had been severely injured.

She said she rushed her to Lee Memorial Hospital where doctors determined she needed surgery immediately. A bullet was still lodged in her foot.

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