Fourth of July gas prices will be at their lowest in more than a decade

Prices at the pump this 4th of July will be the lowest since 2005

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- If you’re planning to travel for the Fourth of July, this year, may be a good year to do it.

Prices at the pump will be the lowest this 4th of July since 2005. That’s according to GasBuddy, which predicts drivers will pay an average of $2.21 per gallon, 6 cents cheaper than last year. Some drivers plan on taking full advantage.

“I drive back and forth from New York City, so it’s 180 miles each way,” said Jeff Dvorak of Buckland. “I tend to fill up here in Massachusetts where it’s a little less expensive.”

The less expensive gas is a result of an increase in crude oil output worldwide, but it may not benefit everyone. Even though gas prices will be at record lows for the Fourth of July, they will be significantly higher in some of the major cities. Experts say they could be up to $1.29 more per gallon.

“It’s why we are over here in Greenfield, in Orange, it’s 20 more cents, said Paul Daley of Wendell. “I don’t know why, but it’s cheaper in different places.”

If you’re traveling to another state, keep an eye out for gas taxes. The tax on gasoline in Massachusetts is about 17 cents lower than New York.

Many drivers will travel far for the fourth of July. Between 50 and 60 percent of drivers are taking trips of over 500 miles, up 9 percent from last year.