Uphill Battle: Senate Health Care Bill

Republicans fight an uphill battle to get the Senate version of the healthcare bill passed this week.

(NBC News) – Republicans fight an uphill battle to get the Senate version of the healthcare bill passed this week.

The Congressional Budget Office score made even more senators nervous about voting for it.

Republicans believe Obamacare is collapsing, so they feel they have to step in.
Still this bill is a hard pill to swallow for some.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence aggressively push the Senate version of healthcare reform. “Members of the Senate will work over the course of the coming days to give us an opportunity to turn the page on the failed policies of Obamacare,” said Vice President Pence.

Today the Vice President will be on Capitol Hill for a round of meetings with republican senators nervous about the senate bill. “We’re going to continue conversations, we’ll listen to the debate and then decide,” said Senator John McCain, (R) Arizona.

The Congressional Budget Office score may complicate things.
It says by the year 2026, 22 million more people would be uninsured under the current bill.. 15 million of those as soon as next year.
It would cut federal spending by $321 billion in the same time period. “If you were on the fence, I’m not so sure this report helps you much,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina.

Democrats say it would be a disaster. “Here is a republican health proposal that is going to hit millions of working people and seniors like a wrecking ball,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, (D) Oregon.

In a statement the white house says historically the numbers by the congressional budget office have been wrong.

The president supports the senate “better care” bill.

This bill could face its first challenge today.

Without changes, at least four republican senators say they may vote no on an initial motion to proceed.