Several cases involving convicted drug lab chemist dismissed

Judge blamed two former assistant Attorney Generals for misconduct in ruling.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Several drug convictions were dismissed because a former state chemist was high at work, using everything from meth to crack cocaine, and two members of the Attorney General’s staff tried to hide evidence.

Hampden Superior Court Judge Richard Carey dismissed seven drug convictions and allowed another to withdraw their guilty plea. Judge Carey in the 127 page ruling blamed two former assistant Attorney Generals for misconduct.

Jared Olanoff was one of the defense attorney’s working this case for several years. He told 22News that “the judge found that those prosecutors withheld very important documents, six documents that showed that Sonia Farak was stealing drugs, tampering with drugs and using drugs way before 2012.”

22News talked to one of the men who spent 21 months in jail before his case was dismissed. He didn’t want to use his name or show his face on camera, but he says he feels that justice hasn’t been served yet. “My father passed while I was in jail, incarcerated,” he explained. “I’m not happy at all until I get reimbursed for the time I spent in jail.”

Farak pleaded guilty to stealing narcotics evidence in 2014 and was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Attorney Olanoff told 22News there are more people who were affected by Farak that the state never turned over.

“The people whose cases by this scandal were never completely identified back then or even, I still to this day have not seen a list of cases where Sonia Farak was the testing chemist.”

Olanoff added that the judge’s ruling did not cover other cases that were not tested by Farak directly, but were still subject to her tampering and theft. Appeals and lawsuits could be next.