Northampton switching to pay-by-plate parking system

Allows visitors to pay with credit cards, and eventually smartphones

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – After years of receiving complaints, Northampton is in the process of making parking downtown easier. From Tuesday through Thursday, all 25 of the parking kiosks downtown are being upgraded.

For years, the city used the pay-by-display system. You could only pay with coins for a ticket that you display on your windshield for a maximum of two hours. They are now launching a pay-by-plate system. At the kiosk, you type-in your license plate number, and can pay with either coins or a credit card.

Mayor David Narkewicz told 22News that the new system is safe.

“It’s not going into the database of the Registry or anything like that. It’s using a distinct number as a marker for your car,” Narkewicz said.

The new system also eliminates the need for parkers to walk back to their car and put a new ticket on their dashboard. It will also eventually allow parkers to pay with their smartphones. That upgrade will roll-out this summer.

Click here for more information about Northampton’s new pay-by-plate parking system.