Republicans revise health care bill

Senate Republicans issue modest revisions to their health care bill in an attempt to gain more votes from their own party.

(NBC News) Facing a self-imposed deadline to vote on a health care legislation before the July 4th recess, Senate Republicans find themselves scraping for enough votes to pass their version of the bill.

As it stands now, five Republicans have come out publicly against the bill with several others undecided or unannounced.

Four of those opposed say cuts don’t go far enough. Others are voicing concern over proposed cuts to Medicaid.

Looking to shore up that support, Republican leaders on Monday revised portions of the bill aimed at deterring people from dropping health insurance. The change requires a six month waiting period for people who let their coverage lapse for 63 days.

With no Democrats on board, the GOP can only afford to lose two Republican votes for the bill to pass.

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