New Snapchat feature sparking privacy concerns

Snapchat allows users to send short videos that lasts for seconds

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new warning about a popular app!

Snapchat has come out with a feature that could be sharing your location, without your permission. 22News spoke with Snapchat users, concerned over their privacy.

Snapchat allows users to send short videos that then disappear in a matter of seconds.

State Police are warning parents about a new Snap Map feature that can share a person’s current location with friends.

It shows a person’s location on a map to anyone on their friends list. Northeast IT told 22News, apps that have access to your location can be incredibly accurate.

“Pretty good actually,” Chris Bovino of Northeast IT told 22News. “They use GPS, so if you have GPS turned on, on your phone the likelihood of knowing where you are is going to be pretty good within a five mile radius.”

There are steps you can take to turn off location sharing altogether.

Under settings on your phone, if you click on privacy you can turn off location services for your entire phone, or for specific apps like Snapchat. Some users don’t want to take any chances, turning off location services on the Snapchat app altogether.

“I actually turned it off recently, when I updated it,” Darius Cofer of Springfield said. “I just don’t want people to know exactly where I’m at all the time.”

Users can also put their Snapchat settings in “ghost mode” to prevent friends from seeing their location.

Snapchat said the map showing friends locations only updates when a person has Snapchat open.