Good Samaritan smashes window to save dog

Oregon woman uses tire jack to break car window and save tiny dog from sweltering heat.

(KGW) A Portland woman said when she heard a tiny dog’s cries coming from a hot car on Friday, she had no other choice but to take action.

Shawna Harch said she is an animal lover and she’s previously worked at an animal hospital and knows how dangerous the heat can be.

On Sunday she was still scratched up and bruised from saving the small dog from a hot car near NW 9th and Hoyt.

“I still have a cut and my knuckles are kind of black,” Harch said.

She said she had just parked her car and was at the parking meter when she heard barking.

Harch followed the sound and looked inside a parked Mercedes.

“There was a dog inside a crate with all the windows rolled up,” she said.

The only source of air was a crack in the moon roof.

“My heart sank. There was a pit in my stomach,” said Harch.

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