Eight lives left: Lucky kitten rescued

Kitten pulled from inside van's dashboard four days after disappearing.

(KUSA) If you own a pet, one of the most terrifying things is realizing your loved one is missing. It’s downright heartbreaking.

A man in Wheat Ridge, Colorado went through that for four straight days. He looked all over for his new kitten. He thought she ran away! Little Vegas was her name. She’s a cute white and black 4-month-old.

He found him, with the help of a local officer, in the most unlikely spot.

And her name might have something to do with how she lucked out.

“Vegas is her name,” says her owner, Matthew Sisneros.

The young kitten vanished Tuesday, moments after Sisneros brought her home for the first time off the street.

As he searched and searched, he had to keep driving for his work. That’s when – Saturday morning – he heard a meow from inside his van.

Read more: http://on9news.tv/2u8xzDz

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