Avoid letting your dog hang their head out of car windows

Dogs enjoy the sensation of the wind while on car rides

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Letting your dog hang his head out the window when you’re driving may seem fun for your pet, but it’s actually dangerous.

Dogs enjoy the sensation of the wind, but objects like leaves, rocks and insects can strike them at a high speed. These objects can create problems in a dog’s ear, nose and throat.

If the car swerves or crashes, it could endanger the dog and throw it out of the vehicle.

Lee Chambers, of the Dakin Humane Society said, “There are pebbles, can be sand, insects, anything. “If you’re going pretty fast or on a highway, that’s a significant speed you’re going and that’s some damage that can happen.”

Cracking windows to about an inch so they can still get the sensation of wind is okay as long as they can’t get their muzzle through the opening.