PVTA begins operations at newly opened Union Station

It took more than $90-million to bring the building back to life

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – PVTA bus riders are thrilled that Union Station is open, after being closed for 44 years.

The first round of bus passengers were welcomed Sunday, as PVTA bus service started operating out of the historic station.

It took more than $90-million to bring the majestic building back to life. Union Station includes 26-bay bus terminals, a six story parking garage, and a brand new concourse.

Jacquelyn Latney of Springfield told 22News, “It reminds me of Cincinnati, because their system is set up about the same way, where everything is set up outside. You know, they have the little plasmas, they have the cameras and the signs and stuff and the heating things, so it looks pretty nice.”

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Riders can track their buses’ arrival up to the minute using an overhead monitor that is above each bus bay.

PVTA workers were also on hand, assisting riders with questions.

The newly renovated Union Station will be a regional travel hub, with service from Amtrak, Peter Pan, Greyhound, and PVTA.

PVTA is the only transportation company operating out of Union Station on Sunday.

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