Burned Quran found outside Islamic center

This was the second hate incident in the area in 24 hours

(CNN) – A burned Quran, filled with bacon, handcuffed to a fence.

The target, the Annur mosque in south Sacramento.  The execution on where it was left and then found – apparently not great.

Basim Elkarra, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Sacramento Valley, said, “Not the mosque fence, but in front of the sheriff’s department.  I guess they didn’t realize the sheriff’s department is right next-door, so not smart.”

Unfortunately, this was the second hate incident in the area in 24 hours. Friday night, someone tore out pages of a Quran, then tossed them out the window while driving past the Islamic center in Davis.

Both cases are a classic form of intimidation, said Elkarra.  “They want to rip out pages of any book in their homes, there’s no issue. But when you try to intimidate a community, unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of these type of cases around the nation.”

As Ramadan ends, the Islamic community gathers to end their fast – still remaining vigilant.

Elkarra said, “People try to remain hopeful, but people also have to prepare for the worst.”

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