FCC: Robocaller handed $120M fine for large-scale scheme


(WPRI) — A robocaller has been handed a $120 million fine for his role in a large-scale scheme involving 96 million calls, according to a citation issued by the FCC.

The FFC said Adrian Abramovich, of Miami, Florida, had an operation that allegedly tricked unsuspecting customers into answering phone calls that appeared to be from local area codes. Callers were instead transferred to a foreign call center where operators attempted to sell low-quality timeshares and vacation packages that were falsely labeled as being associated with well-known travel companies, the FCC said.

“We aim to put unlawful robocallers out of business and to deter anyone else from hatching a business plan that plunders American consumers’ pocket books,” the chairman of the FCC said.

The FCC said this was one of the “largest spoofed robocall campaigns” they have ever investigated.

According to the FCC, if robocall violations continue, they may institute additional fines.