Summer traveling tips you should know

WINDSOR LOCKS, CT. (WWLP) – Do prepare. Don’t pack a weapon. It seems like common sense.

Don’t put a saw blade in your carry-on bag. But it happens all the time.

“The number one excuse we get is that they just forgot,” TSA Spokesperson, Michael McCarthy said. “They grabbed a backpack they last used when they were on a camping trip and it has a hunting knife in it.”

Bradley TSA agents uncover 750 pounds of prohibited items each month.

Items have been confiscated from passenger carry-on bags here at Bradley International Airport in just the past 30 days. Everything from banned liquid to different blades and weapons and tools to more unique and unusual items like this farm sickle.

But security officials at Bradley Airport said your safety is in good hands.

“TSA has it covered and obviously we have a strong partnership with the Connecticut State Police here at Bradley as well as U.S. Securities also on the grounds so we have both the public and the secure side of the airport pretty well taken care of,” William Csontos, Connecticut Federal Security Director said.

But that searching slows the screening process. You’re encouraged to apply for TSA’s pre-check.

It’s about 15 minutes faster and you can leave on your shoes and jacket.

“We are so pleased with it,” Arturo & Lucy Bernardino of West Brookfield said. “We have never had difficulty not know the rules.”

Pack liquids in approved TSA containers no bigger than 3.4 ounces.

If you do pack a prohibit item, you can either bring it back to your car, mail it to yourself, or put it in your checked luggage.

As for all those seized items, the TSA at Bradley hands them over to New Hampshire’s state surplus agency where they get auctioned off.