Infant falls out of car

Scary Moments for a woman babysitting a young child who feel out the door while vehicle was moving.

(KGNS) A child was thrown out of a moving car and it was all captured on video.

Dashcam video captured a vehicle in Laredo, Texas when all of a sudden, the left back door opens in the middle of the road.

The one-year-old child was treated for scrapes and bruises when paramedics arrived.

The woman who shot the video was waiting at the light when the incident happened.

The woman who shot the video is sharing the video to remind parents the dangers of not properly locking the car doors and not properly buckling in your child.

Laredo Police says a woman was cited for failing to buckle the child. No word yet if the woman who was cited was the mother of the child.

Police say the incident is still under investigation.