Granville’s only school shutting down forever

Town's students to begin attending classes in Southwick next year

GRANVILLE, Mass. (WWLP) – ¤ Friday wasn’t just the last day of school at the Granville Village School, but the last day for the school itself.

It was an emotional day as parents dropped off their kids there for the final time.

“Its a focal point of our community,” said Robert Settembro of Granville. “You see a lot of the staff is able to focus more on the kids and I just feel the education they get here is better.”

The school committee voted to close Granville Village school in February, because of a declining enrollment. The school district lost 92 students from last year.

“We had classes size of 4 and 10 there, when we have a Southwick campus that have 22 to 19 as an average, it just wasn’t a model we could continue with,” said Jennifer Willard, Superintendent of Schools of the Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District.

The Granville Village School opened in 1933, serving as the lone elementary school to kids in Granville. 22News spoke to parents who said they’re going to miss it and will have to send their kids to schools out of town.

“We’ve been transitioning the kids quite a bit with different field trips so next year he’s going to Woodland,” said Amy Binder of Granville

Starting in September, Granville students will attend either the Woodland or the Powder Mill school in Southwick. Superintendent Willard said they’ve put together a “transition team” made up of faculty, parents, and school principals, to help the Granville students adjust to the Southwick schools.

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