Belchertown studying ways to protect waterways

$50,000 in grant money to be put toward effort

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Belchertown has made it their goal this year to find better solutions to protect local waterways.

The town will be using $50,000 in grant money that was awarded to them Thursday by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. It will fund a study that looks at what type of pollutants flow from catch basins into public waterways.

Belchertown DPW Director Steven Williams told 22News that the expensive study includes cleaning catch basins, sampling storm water, and analyzing what contaminants are in it. The DPW is hiring a consultant to conduct this study. The consultant could then recommend to the town selectboard how to create a storm water public utility.

A utility could help subsidize the cost of maintaining catch basins to keep the water clean. The goal is to have the study completed and the recommendation ready by next spring.

Belchertown was one of five municipalities statewide that was awarded this grant.

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