Protests can’t stop pig wrestling

Pig wrestling competitions will continue at Indiana's Harrison County Fair, despite protests from animal rights activists who claim the event tortures the animals involved.

(WAVE) Pig wrestling is one of the newest events at Indiana’s Harrison County Fair, and it’s likely its most controversial.

Fans like Derek Franks like the addition of the three-year-old event.

“It’s pretty fun, pretty exciting,” Franks said. “You get to see all the little ones out there enjoying it.”

Ray Wilson is not part of the growing fan base.

“When the contest started, I dialed 9-1-1,” Wilson said. “The 9-1-1 operator hung up on me.”

Wilson and a handful of protestors argue it counts as torture or torment of an animal, which is illegal in the Harrison County Animal
Control ordinances.

“The pigs are being terrified for fun and games and that’s animal cruelty in my opinion,” Wilson said.

Wilson filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office and even a lawsuit but both were dismissed.

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