Students duct tape principal to wall to raise funds for school activities

Students raised more than $700 for end of the year activities

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A Chicopee elementary school principal “stuck” to his word about helping students raise funds for end of the year activities.

Students at the Barry School duct taped Principal Jon Endelos to the wall Wednesday. Students paid for strips of tape that they would later use to stick their principal to the wall.

Third graders started the taping after lunch Wednesday afternoon.  Principal Endelos stood on a milk crate while students began taping him to the wall, starting at his feet and working their way up.

“You know, it’s for the kids. It’s for the school and it’s fun for the kids to end the school year, so you know what, be a good sport about it,” Endelos told 22News.

The students used enough tape to stick their principal to the wall and not fall once they removed the milk crate from under his feet. In the end, they raised more than $700. No word on how long it took to get Principal Endelos down.