Cross-Country 101: The 2018 Olympic venue

Cross-Country 101: The 2018 Olympic venue

Cross-country skiers racing on PyeongChang cross-country race course

The ski resort area of Alpensia will host the full Nordic Olympic sports program, which includes cross-country, biathlon, ski jumping and Nordic combined. Part of the PyeongChang Mountain Cluster, the Alpensia Cross-Country Centre will be the home for all cross-country events during the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games.

The PyeongChang Mountain Cluster is nestled in the heart of the Taebaek Mountains, the main mountain range found on the Korean Peninsula. The sliding events of bobsled, luge and skeleton will also be found in Alpensia. The most obvious feature in the Alpensia sky is the ski jumping tower, with its flying saucer-esque observation deck, complete with a restaurant and cafe. Standing just over 500 feet tall, a trip to the top of the tower on a clear day will treat visitors to the best views of the Taebaek Mountains. 

Olympic cross-country skiing events will be held on a course which doubles as a public golf course during South Korean summers. According to the Korea Tourism Organization the name Alpensia is a combination of “Alpen,” “Asia” and “Fantasia” together meaning “fantastic Alps of Asia.”

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