Bear after bear being sighted in western Massachusetts

More people are capturing these bears on their phones

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WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents are continuing to see bears in their own back yard. 22News talked to an animal control officer to find out why there’s been more bears sightings this year compared to last year.

22News went to Westfield Animal Shelter who said we might not be seeing more bears. Instead, it might be because more people have cameras on their phone that are capturing these sightings.

Bear after bear after bear. 22News has gotten dozens and dozens of photos and videos through our feature showing these bears wandering around western Massachusetts over the past couple of months. These black bears come out more now that it is warm.

MassWildlife urging residents: Don’t feed bears, keep them wild

Karen Burgess, from Westfield, told 22News, “Probably cause their hot and hungry, going through everyone’s trash.”

MassWildLife is asking residents to take down bird feeders, feed your pets inside, and wait until pick up day to put your trash outside.

22News spoke with Westfield Regional Animal Shelter who said their call volume for bear sightings this year compared to last year is about the same. The reason why people think there might be more bears is because people have their phones out more capturing these events. Margaret Terkeosen, Westfield Regional Animal Shelter, told 22News, “I think that’s part of it and bears are exciting and people like to share when they have bear encounter.”

MassWildLife is also reminding residents that if you come across a bear to leave it alone, let the wild be wild. Do not approach them and leave them alone.

If you see a bear and are in a safe spot to take a picture, send them to