Franklin County residents cleaning up damage from Monday’s storm

The storm brought down wires and trees on Hoosac Road in Deerfield

Power line down on Hoosac Road in Deerfield

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Monday’s storms brought thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and high winds across Western Massachusetts.

“I heard a lot of thunder and lightning off in the distance,” said Herb Sanderson of Conway. “There was no damage at my house it rained pretty hard yesterday afternoon.”

Strong winds knocked down trees and caused power outages in towns across Franklin County. The storm brought down wires on Hoosac Road in Deerfield, some that fell in front of a resident’s home. The phone lines were left on the ground, but utility crews were able to restore power to the home.

“It’s been off and on since last night. At some point a tree came down and just caused the whole effect to have everything come down,” said Cody Johnson of Deerfield.

Hoosac Road was closed while crews worked to remove fallen trees.

“No matter how hard our tree crew works to take care of the dead trees that are around town, you think you have them all but you never do, this kind of stuff happens quite a bit,” said Michael Phillips, Foreman for the Deerfield Highway Department.

Phillips told 22News they’ll be coming back in the next few days with heavy equipment and a dump truck to clean up the rest of the road.

He said the storm also hit western Franklin County towns particularly hard, including Heath and Charlemont.