Compliance checks coming to Westfield

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – Westfield Police have announced that compliance checks for underage drinking will begin sometime within the next month.

According to Westfield Police Lt. Eric Hall, police are having compliance checks at establishments that provide alcohol, whether they are liquor stores, restaurants, bars or otherwise, at points between July 24 and Oct. 24 of this year. The checks come after Westfield Police recently received a grant to help reduce underage drinking.

According to Hall, police will be doing a “non-ID check,” and if an ID is asked for the entity essentially passes the compliance check.

“The primary function is education, not punishment,” Hall said.

He said that results from the checks will be reported back to the Westfield License Commission, who will then take any action from there, if necessary. Actions that can be taken on entities can include suspension or revocation of liquor licenses.