Whistle-stop tour rallied support for rail link between Springfield, Boston

Tour ends with rally at Springfield's Union Station

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Longmeadow State Senator Eric Lesser held a whistle stop tour from Boston to Springfield Monday, to highlight the benefits an “East-West” Rail connection could have for our region.

At Union Station in Springfield Senator Lesser held a rally to gain support for an East West rail. He showed firsthand how connecting Boston to Springfield would benefit our economy in western Massachusetts.

Thousands of people in eastern Massachusetts board the commuter rail every day to get to work and school.

“I wouldn’t be going to school if I had to drive,” Eric Seablum said. “I was going to school in Providence, Rhode Island, that’s 80-miles, so it just wouldn’t make any sense. I would have to find something more local.”

In western Massachusetts, we don’t have that option, because there’s no passenger rail that connects Boston to Springfield. Senator Eric Lesser held a whistle stop tour on Monday to try and rally support to change that.

The tour started at South Station in Boston. We then got on a train and were off to our second stop in Framingham. Next up was Worcester, a city that Senator Lesser said has benefited tremendously from rail expansion.

“You now see the education, the technology, the healthcare, economy that’s so dominant in Boston pulling west, and laying roots in Worcester,” Senator Lesser said. We can do the same thing in Springfield.

Lesser knows the project would be expensive, and time consuming, which is why his first goal is to get the state to approve a feasibility study.

The goal of Monday’s tour was to rally support for that study, which Governor Baker vetoed last year.

Senate approves study of Boston to Springfield rail connection


Union Station revival nearly complete

The public is invited to attend the Union Station rally at 5:30 p.m.