Man charged with kidnapping two victims arrested in Northampton

The man arrested allegedly held the two victims at knife point driving from Worcester

Photo Courtesy: Derek Perez

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Northampton Police arrested a man on Damon Road Saturday for allegedly holding two people hostage.

Northampton Police Sgt. Brian Letzeisen told 22News police received a Be On the Look Out alert from State Police for a car occupant holding two people at knife point.

Sgt. Letzeisen said a man was buying a car from one of the victims in Worcester. The man wanted his money back, and pulled a knife on the victim. The victim said he could get him the money, but he needed to go to Williamsburg to get it.

Sgt. Letzeisen said the man told one of the people who was with him to go with the two victims in the car to Williamsburg to get the money.

20-year-old Hart Sligh of Worcester, held the two victims at knife point from Worcester, to Damon Road in Northampton, where they were pulled over. Sligh was not the man demanding his money back, Sgt. Letzeisen said.

The victim driving the car allegedly called his father, who lives in Williamsburg, and said he was coming to get money and was being held hostage, Sgt. Letzeisen said.

An officer saw the car that state police issued a Be On the Look Out for, and pulled it over on Damon Road. Police arrested Sligh and charged him with two counts of kidnapping, Sgt. Letzeisen said.

The identity of the two victims has not been released and the identity of the man who ordered Sligh to go with them is also unknown.