“It Comes At Night”

“It Comes At Night” delivers exactly what thrill seekers have paid to see.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Try to imagine a shocker rooted in reality that’s got nothing to do with the supernatural.

What will they think of next?

Writer-Director Trey Edward Stults obviously put a lot of thought into his suspense thriller, “It Comes At Night”.

The “It” in the title refers to the deepest, overpowering fear, that forces us to do terrible things in the name of survival.

For a family isolating itself in the wilderness to escape some unknown plague that’s infecting the outside world, strangers are the last thing they need.

The great Joel Edgerton gives a master class in portraying paranoia. He’ll cut his unwelcome visitors some slack but only reluctantly.

Can Edgerton be trusted or is he just laying a trap for these unsuspecting strangers?

Trey Edward Stults has it all cleverly worked out. The details so cleverly putting us in the grip of this unconventional horror film.

“It Comes At Night” is actually a psychological study of fear in its most extreme form.

It’s what I call a good, scary night at the movies.

“It Comes At Night” delivers exactly what thrill seekers have paid to see.

A well-orchestrated shocker that won’t offend your intelligence. “It Comes At Night” just came out of nowhere to capture your imagination with 3 stars.

And personal favorite Joel Edgerton is simply marvelous as the guy least likely to invite you and your family over the house for a friendly evening

3 stars

Rated R

1 Hour 35 Minutes

Joel Edgerton, Reilly Keough