Drivers share discontent over I-91 Springfield reconstruction

Drivers have added hours to their workday, just to avoid the southbound bottleneck

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Since the I-91 downtown Springfield reconstruction narrowed southbound traffic down to one lane, it seems to take forever to get through the bottleneck.

Southbound drivers have become accustomed to the 1-91 big squeeze that merges all lanes into the one that takes them downtown and beyond.

22News asked drivers Sunday afternoon how much time they’ve lost in traffic since construction began in December of 2015. Iffl Wiggins of Springfield told 22News, “About a day overall I’d say, about an hour to two hours a day.”

Dan Caruk of Springfield said, “On an average day, about 20-30 minutes, it depends on when I’m driving at most.”

Other drivers have added hours to their workday just to avoid having to crawl through the typical southbound bottleneck. Amy Beresky of Connecticut said, “When I’m going south, I’m going home. I wait until late at night so typically, I try to avoid it all all costs going through rush hour.”

Fortunately there is an end in sight. MassDOT estimates the one lane agony could be over by the end of the year, when possibly, all lanes are finally re-opened.

According to the drivers 22News spoke with, the personal cost of rebuilding this small section of interstate highway adds up to a full day in the life of a driver.

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