6-year-old boy pricked by needle at park, at risk for HIV & Hepatitis

Six-year-old Skyler Anderson will have to be tested regularly and take multiple medications

Photo Courtesy: WIVB

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — Six-year-old Skyler Anderson was biking at LaSalle Waterfront Park with his grandfather Tuesday night when an ordinary trip to the park took a dangerous turn.

“I picked it up and I didn’t know what it was so I poked myself on accident, then the needle twisted and I put the cap back on,” said Skyler Anderson of Niagara Falls.

“As much as you tell your child not to pick something up, a small child like that has curiosity. It could’ve been drugs it could’ve been anything, anything in that needle,” said Sheena Anderson, Skyler’s mother.

Skyler’s mother says he found a needle in tall grass, picked it up, and accidentally pricked himself. He was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, and then Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

“The hospital said the HIV infection is very very low, the risk is low but there’s still the Hepatitis C that I’m worried about,” said Sheena Anderson.

Anderson says Skyler got a tetanus shot, blood work, and anti-viral medication to protect him from HIV.

“Just worried, terrified what was going to happen, what could happen. Medicine or whatever was in that needle or the diseases that was in it or around it,” said Sheena Anderson.

City officials believe the needle could’ve washed up onto the shoreline, but they weren’t aware of the incident until Thursday.

Department of Public Works crews were sent to LaSalle Waterfront Park. They did not find any more needles there.

Meanwhile Skyler’s mother says he’ll need to be tested for at least the next year, and needs to take 3 different medications daily for 28 days.

“Just be careful out there, they’re anywhere everywhere,” said Sheena Anderson.

If you ever comes across a needle at a place like a park, you are urged to contact police. Many communities have procedures in place and medical personnel to properly dispose of needles.