2-year-old girl falls from sixth story window

The 2-year-old was rescued by a neighbor's nanny

Photo Courtesy: CNN

NEW YORK CITY (CNN \ WCBS) – A toddler in New York gave her parents the scare of their life.

Two-year-old Audrianna fell from a sixth story window in the Bronx Friday, luckily surviving with just a few scratches.

Her parents said the window is usually shut, but the young girl’s cousin opened it to hear the rain, and then stepped out of the room to grab some food.

That’s when Audrianna found her way to the window, tumbled out and fell onto an awning below.
Another child saw her fall and told her nanny.

Alexander Dzyuba, Audrianna’s father, said, “I was trying to climb up on that awning, but couldn’t. The kids from the second floor apartment had gotten the nanny’s attention, and so she was trying to get out the window and climb out.”

The nanny ended up rescuing Audrianna from the awning. Audrianna was looked at by doctors and is doing fine.

After that scary incident, Audrianna’s parents said they’re going to invest in window guards.