Anti violence march in Springfield leaves residents hopeful

Several shootings over the last few weeks has left residents in fear

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There was a march against violence in Springfield Saturday morning. Neighborhood residents and police officers prayed hand in hand for a stop to the violence in Springfield.

Dozens gathered to start the first annual Father’s Day march against violence. Bringing together officers, residents, city officials and members of the clergy ready to see a change in their city.

Springfield resident Candejah Pink told 22News, “That point you had to make, is it that serious that you couldn’t stop and think first before just randomly shooting somebody? This is a life we’re talking about”.

After several fatal shootings in Springfield over the last few weeks, residents said they’re tired of living in fear.

Pink said she doesn’t only fear for her, but others as well, “I’ve been living in Springfield for about twelve years now, and the violence is really scaring me. I’m nervous not only for my life and for my family, but just for the community family in general.”

The march was organized by Springfield State Representative and City Councilor Bud Williams, with police officers including Police Commissioner John Barbieri also attending.

Williams said the march was organized in response to illegal activities in the city, “We’ll continue to meet, continue to walk, and continue to be vigilant to get the illegal guns off of the street. You can get a gun just as fast as you can get a big mac at McDonalds”.

Malo Brown, another resident, said collaborations like these make them hopeful there could be a safer Springfield, “It’s about the community, and the officials, and the commissioner coming together and collectively trying to figure out what are we gonna do? It’s a real dangerous time, and collectively we need to figure out new, innovative ways to combat this violence”.

Organizers said they hope the walk sends a message to the community that people are coming together to combat illegal activities and violence in the city.