State program would provide senior citizens property tax relief

Elderly residents who qualify could delay paying property tax until their home is sold or they die

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Qualifying senior citizens may have the option of putting off paying their property taxes. Those who are eligible for this program can avoid paying their property tax until their home is sold, or they die.

The catch is that interest rates could be as high as 8 percent by the time that payment’s due. A senior’s qualifications are based on their total income.

Governor Charlie Baker’s Council to Address Aging oversees this program, and is considering making this option a law for all seniors. The idea is to increase older people’s income.

“I think it would be a good idea because senior citizens are having tough times now paying their bills,” Northampton resident Anthony Calabrese said. “The extra tax money that they’d be saving would go to heating bills, medications, things like that, which they really need now instead of paying their taxes.”

It’s predicted that in 18 years, nearly a quarter of the state’s population will be 65 and older. The Council to Address Aging will tour the state this summer to collect resident feedback and to see if they’d want a law expanding this program to all seniors.