Massachusetts Gaming Commission publishes exclusions list

Massachusetts law requires the gaming commission establish the list

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has published a list of people’s names who must be kept out of Massachusetts casinos.

Massachusetts law requires the gaming commission establish a list to make sure problem gamblers aren’t allowed in casinos. People on the list have either cheated, evaded their taxes, or could pose a threat.

Local residents told 22News that, short checking everyone’s I.D. or using facial recognition on security cameras, they’re not sure how MGM would enforce that list.

Jerry Botvin of South Hadley told 22News, “How are they gonna know who that problem gambler is? They’re gonna have a list? And are they gonna ask his name? Are they going to check his photo?”

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MGM told 22News, “Excluded person regulations are common in various gaming jurisdictions where MGM is licensed. Our MGM Springfield team will analyze the MGC regulation and develop a process that will maintain full compliance.”

Massachusetts casinos are required to remove anyone from the premises if they’re on the exclusions list. If they don’t, they would be in violation of non-compliance laws.

That list is published on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission website.