Bish case investigation expected to continue at West Brookfield site

All quiet at Old Sawmill Campground on Friday

16 year-old Molly Bish disappeared from her lifeguard post at Comins Pond in Warren on June 27, 2000.

WEST BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Investigators believe they are closing in on a key piece of evidence in the 17-year-old murder of Molly Bish.

22News went back to West Brookfield where investigators were searching for a car at a former campground Thursday. West Brookfield police told 22News they weren’t going back to the campground today. The search is expected to resume next week.

“We know that we found something,” Dr. Sarah Stein said.

Private Investigator Dr. Sarah Stein expressed confidence after a day-long search at a former campground in West Brookfield. They are following a tip that a person of interest may have buried a white car there. That car was seen in the area around the time Molly Bish was abducted in 2000.

“It would be wonderful to have a conclusion to that particular case for the whole family,” Liane Gowen of Palmer said.

17 years later investigators are confident they are closer than ever to finding that elusive white car. 

“We did find some compelling information at the campground that will lead us back there to hopefully get us evidence in the murder of Molly Bish,” Private Investigator Stein said.

Bish was taken from Warren, her remains were found in Palmer and this search is in West Brookfield.  For the people who live in that area, they believe it makes sense the killer knew those towns well.

“I think probably that’s true, it would seem like it would be more local than anything else,” Edward Francis of Palmer said.

Investigators believe there is relevant evidence at the former campground.  They said once they complete their search, it will be up to the Police and District Attorney to step in to start digging up what they believe they found.

22News contacted the Worcester County District Attorney’s office and so far they have said nothing about this investigation.

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