A game of healing

In Washington, D.C. a baseball game was more about healing than anything else.

(NBC News) – America’s favorite pastime – for many – became America’s healing.

Throwing out the first pitch – Officer David Bailey –

One of the two Capitol Police officers who returned fire at Wednesday’s practice.

And a video message – from President Trump. “By playing tonight, you are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats,” said the president.

Before the cheers – a moment of silence at second base.

The position that would have been played by Congressman Steve Scalise.

And where he was standing Wednesday during practice – when a bullet ripped through his hip.

He remains in critical condition. “This is America. And as I’ve told people before America doesn’t give in and America doesn’t give out. We get punched, we punch back,” said Rep. Roger Williams, (R) Texas.

The colors of the night – purple and gold – a nod to the wounded congressman’s beloved Alma Mater – LSU. “I think maybe it’s a distraction that a lot of people on Capitol Hill need right now,” said one resident.

The final score – 11 to 2 — an easy win for Democrats who then gave the trophy to Republicans – to be put in Congresssman Scalise’s office.

And the game easily brought in record fundraising for charities.

Last year’s haul was $500,000 dollars – this year – topped one million dollars

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