Skimmers found at Agawam gas station pumps

Discovery was made as more secure locks were being installed at pumps

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – When you are putting your credit card into a gas pump, be aware: schemers may be trying to steal your credit card information.

Inspectors from the state Division of Standards were at the FL Roberts station on Main Street in Agawam Thursday afternoon, after skimming devices were found at two gas pumps.

Image Courtesy: Fran Connors

Compliance officer Fran Connors told 22News that the discovery was made when more secure locks were being installed on the pumps there. He said that they are working to see that more gas stations take such measures in order to minimize this problem.

Connors said that they are also looking to find who is responsible for this crime.

“We’ll get some video surveillance footage, anything we can to track down these people,” Connors said.

Skimming devices were also recently found at gas stations in Easthampton and Amherst.

Connors said that the best advice is to be vigilant at the gas pump. If you see something that looks suspicious, don’t swipe your card there, bring it inside to pay.