‘Operation Hanover’ nets 17 accused of violent gang feud

100 indictments against those arrested

BOSTON (AP) — Boston officials say they have arrested 17 people involved in a violent feud between two rival gangs.

The arrests were announced during a news conference Wednesday.

Police Commissioner William Evans says the arrests followed a yearlong investigation, called “Operation Hanover,” into drug and gun trafficking by the Wendover Street and Cameron Street gangs.

Officers conducted undercover drug and gun buys from gang members during the investigation. Some of the transactions were caught on video or audio.

Police have seized 22 unlicensed guns as a result of the investigation.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley says “Boston will be a safer place this summer” with the guns off the street.

A grand jury has issued nearly 100 indictments against those arrested, including 19 charges for the distribution of fentanyl and cocaine.


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